Schools have entered a new era with ICT with learning platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Google Suite, Moodle, Twitter, Microsoft Office 365 and greater use of web 2.0 technologies. But how free is free, and can schools really count on ‘free’ ICT services for mission critical work? New technologies bring new anxieties, and while many schools simply ban mobile phones, some school leaders are managing to safely exploit the power of personal technologies for their students. They do this by developing their strategic leadership so that new technologies can be brought into service as and when they are appropriate, whether that’s for the curriculum or for management.

To embrace these new developments, school leaders need to review their present leadership, data and curriculum and models of teaching and learning with ICT provision. They need to be aware of best practice in other schools, be given the opportunity to consider how ICT can challenge their present models of learning and be provided with tools and models to ensure their strategies are robust and future thinking.

The EXite Leadership Programme is designed to support leaders and their workforce to think through these issues, review best practice and plan for sustainable change.

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